Dar An-Noor

Islamic Education And Heritage Center

Dar An-Noor

Islamic Education and Heritage Center 


From the timeless teachings of the Quran to the intricate beauty of Islamic Arts and Arabic Calligraphy, our programs are designed to inspire, educate, and cultivate a profound sense of heritage and identity. Join us in a journey through:

Islamic Studies

Dive into the depths of Islamic theology, history, and jurisprudence with our comprehensive Islamic Studies program, tailored to enlighten both the heart and mind. Through engaging classes and discussions, expand your understanding of Islam's rich heritage and practical application in the contemporary world. Elevate your spiritual and intellectual journey with insights from renowned scholars.

Arabic Language

Unlock the beauty and intricacy of the Arabic language through our structured program, designed for students of all levels. From fundamental grammar to advanced conversation, immerse yourself in the linguistic threads that weave the fabric of Islamic texts and culture. Mastering Arabic will open doors to enriched religious and cultural experiences.

Arabic Calligraphy

Embark on a journey through the elegant art of Arabic Calligraphy, expressing spirituality and artistic precision. Our program offers a hands-on approach to learning various calligraphic styles, from Naskh to Diwani, under the guidance of expert calligraphers. Cultivate both skill and a deep appreciation for this timeless Islamic art.

Islamic Geometric Patterns & Illumination

Explore the mesmerizing world of Islamic Geometric Patterns and Illumination, where art meets mathematics and spirituality. This program guides you through the creation of stunning patterns and intricate motifs that adorn Islamic architecture and manuscripts. Discover the principles of balance and harmony in creating your own beautiful artwork.

Quran & Qira'at Program

Deepen your connection with the Quran through our specialized Quran & Qira'at program. Learn the art of Tajweed, perfect your recitation, and explore the various modes of Qira'at under the tutelage of experienced Qaris. This program not only enhances your recitation skills but also enriches your spiritual understanding of the Quran's divine message.