Dar An-Noor

Islamic Education And Heritage Center

Dar An-Noor

Islamic Education and Heritage Center 


Memories in the Making

Journey through the photographic archives of Dar An-Noor, capturing moments of learning, achievement, and community.

Quran Alumni

A dedicated community of individuals who have completed their Quranic studies with us, continuing to embody and spread its teachings.

Khat Alumni

Participants who have successfully completed the intricate art of Khat (Islamic calligraphy), leaving their mark on this nuanced cultural practice.

Students Khat Competition

An exciting platform where our students demonstrate their Khat skills, fostering a spirit of friendly competition and mutual learning.

Islamic Inheritance Alumni

A group of studious individuals who have expanded their understanding and application of Islamic Inheritance laws.

Islamic Geometric Pattern

Delve into the aesthetic harmony of Islamic geometric patterns that symbolize the unity and order of creation in Islam.

Memory Lane

A nostalgic journey through the milestones and memories forged within the walls of our learning center.

Classes In Progress

Highlighting the ongoing engagements and active learning taking place within our center.

Khat Exhibitions

A showcase of the wondrous artistry encapsulated in Islamic calligraphy, celebrating the culmination of our students' hard work.

Masjid Al-Nur Events & Classes

Offering an array of spiritual and educational activities centered around Islamic teaching and community building.

Workshops Dar An-Noor

Engaging workshops designed to foster knowledge, creativity, and interpersonal connections within the Dar An-Noor community.