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Islamic Studies for Youth

Islamic Studies for Youth


  • Essentials of Belief for Muslim Youth

  • Purification of the heart for Youth : Diseases of the heart and their cure

  • Connecting to the Quran : An Introduction to Lifelong Relationship

  • Introduction to Short Hadith for Youth

  • The Fiqh of Worship: Rules of Purification and Prayer

  • Know the Best Creation: The Life of the Prophet Muhammad for Youth

  • Introductory Hadith Sciences: Selection of Short Prophetic Sayings

  • The Essentials of Belief for Muslim Youth: Necessary Knowledge to Practice Islam

  • The Absolute Essentials of Beliefs and Worship for Young Muslims

  • Worship for Youth: Rules of Fasting and Worship

  • Sanusi’s Explanation of the Beautiful Names of Allah: Understanding the 99 Names of Allah for Youth

  • The Fiqh of Everyday Life for Youth: A Discussion of Halal and Haram Matters

  • An Intermediate Look at Tahawi’s Creed: Faith and Belief for Muslim Youth

  • The Right of Parents: Attaining Honor by Serving One’s Parents

  • Prohibition of the Tongue for Youth: Guidelines for Protection from Harmful Speech

  • Tafsir for Youth: The Quran Explained, Part One

  • Tafsir for Youth: Part 30 (Juz Amma)

  • Cultivating Faith & Spiritual Consciousness: Muhasib’s Treatise

  • The Pursuit of Noble Character: Essential Hadiths on Adab and Akhlaq for Youth

  • The Beauty of Islam: Discovering Allah’s Live, Mercy and Rewards

  • Connecting to Allah through Supplication: Learn Deeper Meanings of Du’a

  • Essentials of Islam for Youth: Modern Challenges to Our Faith and How to Respond