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Islamic Education and Heritage Center 

Islamic Studies

This curriculum provides a clear, systematic five-level program for students of Islamic Knowledge. It is taught by qualified scholars, and presents traditional Islamic knowledge in a deep, practical, inspiring manner–with an emphasis on living knowledge as guidance.

Acquire the knowledge and skills to read and understand the Quran, Hadith and religious primers in their pure and authentic forms and converse in Arabic. The Arabic Language Curriculum is a structured two-track curriculum designed for both the non-native beginner and the advanced Arabic-proficient student. Unlock the secrets of the rich and divinely chosen Arabic language today.

The Youth Curriculum provides an answer to the lack of youth education globally. Through this program, our youth will learn and acquire sound belief and practice of their faith. It covers topics ranging from Islamic creed, law, spirituality, and much more! We aim to instill certainty and love for Islam in the hearts. 

Experience an immersive journey into the Hanafi school of thought, the oldest and most globally followed Islamic legal tradition. Gain insights into how Hanafi fiqh harmonizes religious teachings with human reason to handle real-world issues.

Our course on the Fiqh of Shafi’i offers a deep exploration of this acclaimed school of Islamic jurisprudence. Learn how the Shafi’i school applies divine guidance to everyday life through analytical reasoning and in observance of the Prophet’s Sunnah.

Understand the intricacies of Islamic inheritance laws with our comprehensive program. Learn the principles that ensure just and equitable distribution of assets, recognizing the divine wisdom in preserving social harmony and familial peace.